Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cali, Brieghlyn, & Dalton's new cousin Sienna was born on August 29th, 2011!!

Yes...Yes...I know...I am really lagging this time! Sorry folks!!! But I have pictures now!! lol Better late than never right?? lol This above picture is Sienna with her brother Liam :)
Sienna 2 months
Sienna Newborn (a couple weeks)
She is such a cutie!!! We are hoping to get to see her soon :)

Sienna & her little friend :)

She looks a lot like Cali when Cali was this age!! So adorable!!!!!

Newborn Sienna

Sienna ~ 5 months

Friday, March 25, 2011

Haidyn's Dedication & First Birthday!!!

I'm so happy for our dear friends!!!! It is so amazing to see how God blesses His people!!! He has not only blessed the Chavez's with baby Haidyn, but also twin boys whom they had signed adoption papers last month for. Haidyn has two brothers to grow up with!!! They've done a fabulous job raising their daughters so far and I know they will with the boys as well!!! God is so good!!! We love the Chavez's!

Haidyn's ready for the Word!!

Taking a nap during his own party!!

Kara!! You have a blue tongue!!

Haidyn likes his Uncle Craig!!

Visitors from Japan!!!

Last Monday, we picked up our Japanese daughter Risako and some of her family members at the Bart Station in Pittsburg. They visited for a few hours and then we took them back to Pittsburg. We wish we could have had more time with them but we feel blessed that we were able to spend time with them at all!! They live about 575 miles from Tokyo, so they were not affected by the earthquake and tsunami!!! Both Risako and Natsumi are safe!!!

Risako and her mom
Always have time for the trampoline!!
We ate at Red Robin :) Yummy!!! The All American Food!!!

Risako brought her Mom Etsuko, her brother Mark, and sister Ayumi. They came to America to spend time with Ayumi, who is taking college classes here. She was taking classes in San Francisco and will be going to Boston for a couple months.

Mark is cool!! Dalton didn't want him to leave!! But Mark says "I'll be bak!!"

On our way to Red Robin, I stopped by the post office to mail out something I sold on Ebay. I dropped it off in one of the blue drop off boxes. "Mom" was amazed!! She said, "this is post?" I told her yes it is. She said, "wow! Drive thru Post! How convenient!!" It is so amazing how each country does things differently!! We enjoyed visiting with them!! We want them to come back when they have more time!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 2011

March 2011 will not be forgotten!! We started this month off with the No Limits conference at the church! It was awesome!!! The messages were incredible and powerful!! Wow! This year was the best so far!! It's really hard to describe in words how I feel about it. I was blessed, awakened, encouraged, stirred, and was truly in awe of what God has done!! The last night of No Limits (Friday March 4th) in children's church Dalton received the Holy Ghost!!! Dalton is so grateful! Then the Sunday after No Limits (March 6th), Cali received the Holy Ghost!! We had been waiting for this to happen!! God is sooo good!! Then, Dalton was baptized on Sunday March 12th by Pastor Young. Woohoo!! It's so incredible to see such a small child so hungry for God!! He walks around saying "Thank you Jesus!" It brings so much joy to hear him say that!! Below are pictures of Dalton receiving the Holy Ghost and being baptized in the name of Jesus! There is also a video clip of the baptism. We have only a video of Cali receiving the Holy Ghost :( I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures from it!! So hopefully soon I will have pics or a shortened video of Cali posted as well!!!